Believe and you will achieve

This is NLS’s strategic wheel and it aims to communicate as clearly as possible how the key things at the school interact and cohere around a central set of values.

It shows that we have certain parameters in which we operate (the outer circle) which are key strands of education provision.

Within that, there are some key mechanisms and processes which help us to deliver those key strands (the next circle in and including CPD, QA etc).

Moving beyond that, there are some strategic priorities (in the white segments) which form a focus for the school year.

At the very heart of the wheel are those CORE and comprehensive “everyone matters equally” principles which NLS values so highly.

While such values and principles will remain largely constant, other aspects of the wheel may change according to developing need and priority.
We wanted the wheel to be interactive for 3 reasons:

1. So staff interact with the wheel and thereby become more familiar with it.

2. To reiterate how all the myriad things we undertake do ultimately cohere around some core values and interact with one-another.

3. To enable individuals to have ready and reliable access to key documents which support practice
We hope you find it of use...